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1 parent cbb8da9 commit 03564fb98eef666f327e389d988de697182ce2b5 @kschiess committed
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6 experiments/local.rb
@@ -30,7 +30,13 @@ def to_s_inner(prec) # :nodoc:
def this(&block); return end
def epsilon; any.absnt? end
+# Traditional repetition will try as long as the pattern can be matched and
+# then give up. This is greedy and blind.
a = str('a').as(:e) >> this { a }.as(:rec) | epsilon
+# Here's a pattern match that is greedy and non-blind. The first pattern
+# 'a'* will be tried as many times as possible, while still matching the
+# end pattern 'aa'.
b = str('aa').as(:e2) >> epsilon | str('a').as(:e1) >> this { b }.as(:rec)
p a.parse('aaaa')

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