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source offset. This has also bought us a slight speedup.
+ require 'parslet/convenience' now brings #parse_with_debug to all parslets.
+ This is a consequence of the above change.
+ + Deprecates prsnt? and absnt? in favor of the more readable absent? and
+ prsnt?. Uses 3 bytes more RAM. The old variants will exist until we release
floere added a note Mar 3, 2011

3 Bytes? This is an outrage!

Love it.

kschiess added a note Mar 3, 2011

Might be harder to write short parsers on punch cards now. But the users seem to want it.

floere added a note Mar 3, 2011

One can always alias it to a? and p? to make parser definitions seem cooler and beardier.

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+ 2.0.

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