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Commits on Jan 19, 2011
@kschiess + Ahead of time error messages 73cc7de
@kschiess + Caches format_cause 93cead0
@kschiess + packrat like caching 7a6247c
@kschiess + a first benchmark file
ever so faster but
by what measure?
@kschiess + documents the baseline 6097015
@kschiess + fixes autotest tests - was an ordering issue when requiring files f1c6274
@kschiess + Starting to get to the meat of Source
got to figure out how to do lazy line counting
@kschiess + A simple case that works f482b3e
@kschiess + A wrapper for the source input that counts lines
This should eliminate the Array(lines) hack.
@kschiess + Push line counting into source be5623a
@kschiess . formatting d8479f6
@kschiess . fix example parslet loading 7d98f57
@kschiess . updates parser, make current bug show c785c59
@kschiess . moving cache initialisation into initialize c5117cb
@kschiess ! Correctly handle eof when seeking beyond 493802c
@kschiess . not following the mu-version of blankslate anymore 531dd19
@kschiess - unused variable 23b63d2
@kschiess - removes autotest from dependencies d3cfdc5
@kschiess . comment on why the test is broken 2877708
@kschiess ! fixes Source constant finding troubles dd646d3
@kschiess . replaces try_and_cache hack with an object 3cd843a
@kschiess . comment 74e3023
@kschiess . changes the way the cache is indexed - better results with rubinius
this way
@kschiess . version got clobbered a5c5b1d
@kschiess ! fixes most specs 80fa7fb
@floere floere + rbx fails on a "no block given" when encountering the implicit bloc…
…k call
@kschiess ! also allow user at domain dot com b1a6e78
@floere floere - duplicate space? 166af53
Commits on Jan 20, 2011
@kschiess ! autoloading messed up scoping in ruby 1.8.
or just right now
no difference
@kschiess + major refactor, throwing out throw/catch
pun intended
@kschiess . enabling cache 1c96561
@kschiess - moves benchmarks to parslet-benchmarks project fc08a60
@kschiess + bringing the power of rule to simple scripts
small ones
on top of other small ones
its turtles
@kschiess ! Fixes issue #15
Comparing sizes of the hashes is enough. Thanks to matthewd and rkh for finding this. Ordered hashes are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.
Commits on Jan 21, 2011
@kschiess . rework afdfc27
@kschiess + regression test for hash order dependency 1316f03
@kschiess . comments 29e0322
@kschiess . refactor 25d9516
@kschiess + a piece of ugly code that seems to buy me some time
This avenue can be exploited more nicely, but its good to know that some
improvements are still hidden.
@kschiess . A really small erb parser.
eval, anyone?
@floere floere A slightly bigger erb parser, including expressions. 5ce8e7a
@floere floere Added comment erb tag. ba896df
@floere floere + erb example: transform 418d6bb
@kschiess + Consistent behaviour for .maybe and .repeat 49dfbc4
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