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= 0.4.1 / 23Jan2012
+ Replaces the custom IPC implementation with the cod gem.
= 0.4.0 / 16Dez2011
+ Schedules blocks as well (Scheduler#schedule).
! Fixes a small timing bug that would provoke a ChildDeath where the child
  exited correctly in reality.
! Fixes a data race on the result variable. This would have your process
hang forever waiting for a result that was already available.
= 0.3.1 / 13Sep2011
! fix processor detection for Mac OS X Lion
= 0.3.0 / 27Dez2010
* create_proxy is now just 'proxy' to friends. This looks cleaner.
* require 'procrastinate/implicit' allows ignoring the scheduler in daily
usage. This is probably what will be more common.
* Auto-detection of the number of cores procrastinate runs on.
* Ruby 1.8 now uses absolutely poor busy-loop synchs. This is still better
than inserting puts in the code to unblock some magical mystical internal
state. I'll try to find a better solution.
= 0.2.0 / 22Dez2010
* Big rewrite, trying to make things more clear. Also: There might be more
features lurking in there.
* All proxy method calls now have a return value that works like a future:
Access to the real return value through future.value, which might block.
= 0.1.0 / 10Dez2010
* Initial version
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