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Setting up the development environment for a Wordpress Site

To run the wordpress site locally, we use Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV). VVV is essentially a dev environment and a server(in a virtual machine).

(Everything in this document comes from the Software Requirements and Installation pages from the Getting Started section at

To use VVV, we need some additional software:

After installing Vagrant and VirtualBox

Run this command to install some needed plugins, it's possible VVV may complain later on about conflicts, if so, just uninstall the plugin that is conflicting and the problem should resolve.

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater vagrant-vbguest

After this, consider rebooting your machine to be safe the install was configured properly

Installing VVV

Run this command, feel free to change the location and name of the folder to what you want

$ git clone -b master git:// ~/ksdt-local

Initial Configuartion

Once everything is installed, run this command within the VVV folder you specified above

$ vagrant up

to create a virtual machine and local environment. The first time this is ran it will take a while as a lot of software needs to be installed on the virtual machine, but future runs will only take a few seconds. Note: Make sure you have your CPU's virtualization technology turned on in the BIOS.

Seeing the local site

Go to vvv.test in a browser to verify the site is up. It will give you more links to go to: one.wordpress.test, [two.wordpress.test]. For our purposes, we will be using one.wordpress.test, although it does not matter which of the two you pick.

You can sign into wordpress via one.wordpress.test/wp-admin. If it does not ask you for basic sign-up instructions, the default user:pass is admin:password

Seting up the theme

Clone this repo into the vagrant folder you created above

$ git clone [repo-url] ~/ksdt-local/www/wordpress-one/public_html/wp-content/themes

You can then go into the wordpress backend (one.wordpress.test/wp-admin), navigate to Appearance->Themes and activate the theme "winter18redesign"

Finally, after you have logged into Wordpress, install the plugin "All-In-One WP Migration" and activate it. Get in touch the with Computer Engineer to have him or her export a current KSDT site that will be used for local development.


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