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This plugin allows creating holiday calendars and assigning them to the users.
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Latest commit 74eb5c7 @ksfltd Merge pull request #11 from smartsystems4u/master
Merged changes proposed by smartsystems4u to fix compatibility with RM 1.4.1
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app fixed plugin so that it works on RM 1.4.1
assets version 1.1.0
config fixed plugin so that it works on RM 1.4.1
db/migrate version 1.1.0
lang version 1.0.0
lib version 1.1.0
test version 1.1.0
LICENSE version 1.0.0
README.rdoc version 1.0.0
gpl-2.0.txt version 1.0.0
init.rb version 1.1.0



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