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Regression analysis in Python

This site contains the materials to be used in a workshop for University of Michigan researchers co-sponsored by CSCAR (http://cscar.research.umich.edu) and ARC (http://arc.research.umich.edu).

(Follow the "Notebooks" link in the Wiki contents to get to the course materials)

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 7th and Thursday, January 8th, from 4-6pm each day. Participants should plan to attend both days of the workshop. The workshop will be held in the Rackham Common Room, in the lower level of the west wing of the Rackham building on central campus.

The workshop will follow a lecture and discussion format. There are no computers in the room where the workshop will be held, but participants may bring a laptop if they wish.

This is not an introductory workshop. To benefit from the workshop, participants should have prior experience programming in Python, Numpy, and Pandas. The prerequisite knowledge was covered in a previous CSCAR workshop focusing on data management and basic data analysis in Python, for which the materials are available here:


Participants should also be familiar with regression analysis, at least at the level of multiple linear regression.

CSCAR provides consulting in the use of Python, R and other software tools for data analysis. U-M researchers using these tools may schedule appointments with CSCAR consultants to receive further assistance.