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Python for data management and analysis

Time/location: The workshop will be held 2/10, 2/11, and 2/12 from 4-6pm each day, in the Rackham common room (lower level west of the Rackham Building)

Note: Workshop materials are being migrated to this site. The notebooks here may not be up to date.

This site contains the materials used in a three-day workshop for University of Michigan researchers co-sponsored by CSCAR (http://cscar.research.umich.edu) and ARC (http://arc.research.umich.edu).


On day 1, we will give a brief overview of the core Python language, libraries, and tools, discuss how to install the Python stack on a computer, and demonstrate using Python in the cloud. We will then walk through a complete basic data analysis.

Days 2 and 3 will progress through a series of case studies drawn from our collection.

The workshop will not include a systematic review of the language or libraries. All discussion will be centered on the case studies. Language concepts and libraries will be discussed as they arise naturally in the examples. The goal is for the "lecture" to be highly participatory and discussion-focused. We can stop and spend as much time as needed to explain unfamiliar concepts and language features.

The most important page on this wiki is the Notebooks page that contains our collection of case studies.