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Deprecated. Use this instead.


Matchit for Ruby: This function isn't very sophisticated. If you're on the line if ..., then the cursor will jump to the next line with the same indentation as the if-clause. The same is true for a whole bunch of keywords.

Since brave programmers use indentation, this will work for most of you, I hope. At least, it works for me. ;-)

Note: As this depends heavily on indentation, it won't work if the code is not properly indented.

Apart from the default behavior, this version has

  • Enhanced navigation (see below)
  • Removed mapping of \\\
  • Cleaner code


% : Jump to next keyword ie. if/end -> elsif/else -> end etc.
A-% : Jump to previous keyword ie. elsif/else -> if

The default nature of % is to jump to the next keyword and hence, in an if-else-end conditional, it keeps toggling between else and end.
Thus, to force to jump from else to if, Alt-% can be used.


2012-06-26 : First Release

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