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Changing paradigm of creating mappings

* Maps are being stored as a hash to allow fine-grain control over which maps to enable/disable
* Maps are not global by default. All code related to buffer-specific mappings has been removed
* Added new movement - Jump to marker of any type
* Added new setting - g:SignatureEnabledAtStartup
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+### NOTE
+vim-signature has undergone some changes recently, the biggest of which are
+* Maps are specified using a hash. My hope is that this will allow finer control over which maps to enable/disable and eliminate all the default mapping variables
+* Maps are now global by default. It was cumbersome to think of a good way to implement buffer-specific maps and support it. The previous method was clunky at best ( see the number of issues related to maps ) and caused more trouble than they were worth. So I decided to get rid of it.
+Q. So how does this affect me?
+A. Well, if you were using the default maps then I've tried to change things as little as possible (at least in the frontend) and I hope it shouldn't. But if you were using custom maps, then you'll have to set it up again using the new hash method.
+Q. Are there any changes not related to maps?
+A. Why yes, there is now a new method to jump to marker of any type. This is mapped to `]=` and `[=` by default.
+ There is also a new setting to control if the signs should be shown by default at startup. Check out g:SignatureEnabledAtStartup
+For those who wish to continue the older version, I've created a new branch `stable_4104e0bb6c`
# vim-signature
vim-signature is a plugin to place, toggle and display marks.
@@ -47,6 +62,8 @@ Once that's done, out of the box, the followings mappings are defined
m<S-[0-9]> : Remove all markers of the same type
]- : Jump to next line having same marker
[- : Jump to prev line having same marker
+ ]= : Jump to next line having same marker
justinmk Dec 26, 2013 Contributor

This is the same description as for ]-

kshenoy Dec 26, 2013 Owner

You have sharp eyes sir. Fixed it. Hope you find this better than g:SignatureEnableDefaultMappings=0/1/2 etc.

+ [= : Jump to prev line having same marker
m<BackSpace> : Remove all markers
@@ -71,5 +88,4 @@ For more details on customization refer the help
## ToDo:
-* Add support for non-Alphabetical marks
* Tie the Signature functions to vim commands that affect mark placement
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