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Deleting a line that a mark is set on #1

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In vim, if you delete a line where a lowercase mark is set on (a-z) the mark is automatically deleted. In this plugin (which is great by the way), the sign for that mark remains. If you try to jump to it vim tells you "mark not set".


One solution might be to include an option to lock marks, a la this thread?


Hmm, the sign is getting preserved even when lines are deleted. I guess there'd be some people (me :P ) who'd prefer to remove the mark when the line is deleted. In any case, both require interfering with dd. Need to figure out how to do that if it is already mapped by some other plugin.

@kshenoy kshenoy added a commit that referenced this issue
@kshenoy Bugfixes
Bugfix for issue #2 #2
Temporary placeholder for issue #1 #1.
  Added function SignatureRefreshDisplay to correct the display for Signs

Hey, I added a function called SignatureRefreshDisplay. It should correct all the wonky sign issues. Hopefully, this should be helpful while I try to find a more elegant solution. Sorry about the delay, school's started :P


thank you!


Added an option to auto-refresh display. This is again meant as a place-holder. The length of the interval after which the refresh will be triggered can be controlled by the updatetime option. (:h updatetime)
This can be disabled if not required by setting g:SignaturePeriodicRefresh = 0.

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