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MPW Tools

This is a collection of tools for use with the MPW emulator.

Some of them are replacements for built-in MPW commands. Some of them are replacements (the original Duplicate, for example, has a graphical confirmation box). Some are just handy to use.

These are tested under the MPW emulator. They may or may not actually work with a real MPW installation due to implementation differences.

The tools are:

  • Delete: replacement for the Delete command.

  • Echo: replacement for the Echo command.

  • Duplicate: replacement for the Duplicate command.

  • GetEnv: new command to extract environment variables for use in makefiles.

  • Help: replacement for the Help command. This version looks for individual file in the $MPW:Help: directory rather than searching through a single monolithic help file.

  • ListRez: List the resources in a Macintosh resource file.

  • ListRezIIgs: List the resources in a IIgs resource file.

  • LSegIIgs: List segments in a IIgs OMF File (borrowed from gno/me).

  • MakeEnums: Print struct offsets for various records (for use with MPW development).

  • md5: Print md5 checksum for a file (data and resource fork).

  • OverlayIIgs: replacement for the OverlayIIgs command. (This has been tested under MPW.)

  • Parameters: replacement for the Parameters command.

  • ReadGlobal: Display a global value.

  • SetFile: replacement for the SetFile command. Currently only filetype and creator type are supported.


mpw compatibility layer tools and support files




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