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Visual Basic 6.0 App for effective and interactive Laboratory Management A Visual Basic 6.0 App with visual display of Laboratory to address the complaints in a Laboratory. COCARE is an abbr for Computer Care In Engineering Lab. Done in a group of 4. Initially greeted with logins for admin and student. Upon selecting (registration essential) student is required to enter the appropriate Laboratory name. Student is greeted with Visual display of the Laboratory and he/she just has to select the computer(GUI). He is then redirected to complaint box in which the complaint has to be written. After the complaint some suggestions are generated by the use of Natural Language Processing Algorithm to rectify the errors. If not,the user can stil submit the complaint and is acknowledged with the Submitted message. The ADmin has to register himself first. After that when admin logs in and selects the Lab, he can view the Entire visual display of the Lab. Those machine with complaints submitted are marked RED in color so it is easier for admin to identify the faulty machines. He can thus rectify the problem and click on resolve button. The machine is now complaint free and changes it's color from red to original.

This is a project to receive compliants about lab computers from students and let an administrator view them as a whole.

There will be two interfaces - one for students (complainant), one for the Lab Assistant of each lab.

The student interface will consist of a few forms : - Log in Featuring Name, Class, full roll number, and division. - Lab selector A drop down menu to select which lab one wants to lodge a complaint for. - Computer selector This will be a graphical representation of the lab, and the student can click the computer that he wants repaired, complaint for only one computer can be lodged at a time. Each computer will be mapped to a unique ID, which will logged in the DB so that it can be viewed later by the admin. - Complaint form When the student logs in, he/she will be shown a list of all his past complaints if any, and whether they have been resolved or not.

LA interface: - Log in form: Drop down menu having lab names, and user ID and password, which will allow the LA of a particular lab access to the problems of only his lab. - Forwaded complaints: All the complaints about the lab will be forwarded by the students to the LA. These forwarded complaints will be shown here. Along with information about whether the task is resolved or unresolved.

Pro tips: For a given complaint, so and so can be the solution, based on a Natural Language Processing AI algorithm.


Visual Basic 6.0 App for effective and interactive Laboratory Management



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