MIDI over Bluetooth LE driver for Android 4.3 or later


BLE MIDI for Android

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MIDI over Bluetooth LE driver for Android 4.4 (API Level 19) or later

  • Protocol compatible with Apple Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification.
    • The app can be connected with iOS devices.
  • BLE Central function
    • Central means BLE MIDI Device's client.
    • The specification needs Bluetooth Bonding(Pairing) feature that is implemented at Android KitKat(API Level 19), so this library also needs API Level 19.
  • BLE Peripheral function
    • Peripheral means BLE MIDI Device.
    • The Peripheral function is introduced at API Level 21.
    • Currently, the bonding feature is not implemented.


  • BLE Central function needs:
    • Bluetooth LE(4.0) support
    • API Level 19 or above
  • BLE Peripheral function needs:
    • Bluetooth LE(4.0) support
    • Bluetooth LE Peripheral support(Nexus 5 with custom ROM, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, etc.)
    • API Level 21 or above

Repository Overview

  • Library Project: library
  • Sample Project: sample
    • Includes BleMidiCentralActivity, and BleMidiPeripheralActivity examples.

Usage of the library

For the detail, see the wiki.


Apache License, Version 2.0