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Find file Copy path
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package clickhouse
import (
// Interface for Clickhouse driver
type Clickhouse interface {
Block() (*data.Block, error)
Prepare(query string) (driver.Stmt, error)
Begin() (driver.Tx, error)
Commit() error
Rollback() error
Close() error
WriteBlock(block *data.Block) error
// Interface for Block allowing writes to individual columns
type ColumnWriter interface {
WriteDate(c int, v time.Time) error
WriteDateTime(c int, v time.Time) error
WriteUInt8(c int, v uint8) error
WriteUInt16(c int, v uint16) error
WriteUInt32(c int, v uint32) error
WriteUInt64(c int, v uint64) error
WriteFloat32(c int, v float32) error
WriteFloat64(c int, v float64) error
WriteBytes(c int, v []byte) error
WriteArray(c int, v interface{}) error
WriteString(c int, v string) error
WriteFixedString(c int, v []byte) error
func OpenDirect(dsn string) (Clickhouse, error) {
return open(dsn)
func (ch *clickhouse) Block() (*data.Block, error) {
if ch.block == nil {
return nil, sql.ErrTxDone
return ch.block, nil
func (ch *clickhouse) WriteBlock(block *data.Block) error {
if block == nil {
return sql.ErrTxDone
return ch.writeBlock(block)
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