A personal URL shortener with GitHub Pages.
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A personal URL shortener via GitHub Pages.

Shorten lets you create, view, and manage shortened URLs. All pages are hosted with GitHub Pages and redirection is done with HTML5's http-equiv refresh attribute.



  • Requires Go to be installed and configured.

  • Install with Go:

    $ go get -v github.com/kshvmdn/shorten
    $ shorten --help
  • Or install directly via source:

    $ git clone https://github.com/kshvmdn/shorten.git $GOPATH/src/github.com/kshvmdn/shorten
    $ cd $_
    $ make install && make
    $ ./shorten --help


  • View the help dialogue by passing the --help / -h flag. View the specific help dialogue for each command by running shorten [command] --help.

    $ shorten --help
    Create and manage shortened URLs with GitHub Pages.
      shorten [command]
    Available Commands:
      create      Create a new shortened URL.
      export      Print the current config. file.
      help        Help about any command
      import      Import a pre-existing config. file.
      list        Print a list of currently active URLs.
      remove      Remove a shortened URL and delete the associated repository.
    Use "shorten [command] --help" for more information about a command.
  • On first run, you'll be prompted for a GitHub access token. You can request that here. Shorten only requires the repo, user, and delete_repo permissions. Note that your access token will only be stored locally (in ~/.shorten.toml).


This project is completely open source. Feel free to open an issue with questions / suggestions / requests or create a pull request to contribute!


MIT © Kashav Madan.