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Flask sqlacodegen

Fork of sqlacodegen by Alex Gronholm.

What's different:

  • Support for Flask-SQLAlchemy syntax using --flask option.
  • Defaults to generating backrefs in relationships. --nobackref still included as option in case backrefs are not wanted.
  • Naming of backrefs is class name in snake_case (as opposed to CamelCase) and is pluralized if it's Many-to-One or Many-to-Many using inflect.
  • Primary joins are explicit.
  • If column has a server_default set it to FetchValue() instead of trying to determine what that value is. Original code did not set the right server defaults in my setup.
  • --ignore-cols ignores special columns when generating association tables. Original code requires all columns to be foreign keys in order to generate association table. Example: --ignore-cols id,inserted,updated.
  • Uses the command flask-sqlacodegen instead of sqlacodegen.
  • Added support for --notables to only generate model classes, even for association tables


With pip:

pip install flask-sqlacodegen

Without pip:

git clone
cd flask-sqlacodegen/
python install

For contributing:

git clone
python -m venv env
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m sqlacodegen.main --flask --outfile mysql+pymysql://<username>:<password>@<database-ip>:<port>/<database-name> [--tables <tablenames>] [--notables]