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<title>File manager display preferences</title>
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<div class="trail">
<a class="trail" href="index.html"><span class="media media-image"><img src="figures/gnome.png" alt="Help"></span></a> » <a class="trail" href="files.html">Files</a> » <a class="trail" href="nautilus-prefs.html">File manager preferences</a> » </div>
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<a class="trail" href="index.html"><span class="media media-image"><img src="figures/gnome.png" alt="Help"></span></a> » <a class="trail" href="shell-overview.html">Overview</a> › <a class="trail" href="shell-overview.html#files">Files and folders</a> » <a class="trail" href="files.html">Files</a> » <a class="trail" href="nautilus-prefs.html">File manager preferences</a> » </div>
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<div class="hgroup"><h1 class="title">File manager display preferences</h1></div>
<div class="contents"><p class="p">You can control various aspects of how the file manager displays files, including
captions under icons and how dates are formatted. In any file manager window, click
<span class=" guiseq"><span class=" gui">Edit</span> ▸ <span class=" gui">Preferences</span></span> and select the
<span class=" gui">Display</span> tab.</p></div>
<div class="sect" id="icon-captions">
<div class="hgroup"><h2 class="title">Icon captions</h2></div>
<div class="contents">
<div class="media media-image floatend"><div class="inner"><img src="figures/nautilus-icons.png" height="110" width="250" alt="File manager icons with captions"></div></div>
<p class="p">When you use icon view, you can choose to have extra information about
files and folders displayed in a caption under each icon. This is useful,
for example, if you often need to see who owns a file or when it was last
<p class="p">As you zoom in on a folder (under the <span class=" gui">View</span> menu), the file
manager will display more and more information in captions. You can choose
up to three things to show in captions. The first will be displayed at
most zoom levels. The last will only be shown at very large sizes.</p>
<p class="p">The information you can show in icon captions is the same as the
columns you can use in list view. See <span class=" link"><a href="nautilus-list.html" title="">File manager list columns preferences</a></span>
for more information.</p>
<div class="note"><div class="inner"><div class="contents"><p class="p">If you have a file manager window open, you may have to reload for icon
caption changes to take effect. Click <span class=" guiseq"><span class=" gui">View</span> ▸ <span class=" gui">Reload</span></span>
or press <span class=" keyseq"><span class=" key">Ctrl</span>+<span class=" key">R</span></span>.</p></div></div></div>
<div class="sect" id="date">
<div class="hgroup"><h2 class="title">Date format</h2></div>
<div class="contents"><p class="p">Access and modification times for files can be displayed in icon captions
or in list view columns. You can choose the date format that is easiest for
you from the <span class=" gui">Format</span> drop-down list. Available formats include
a verbose format like you might write by hand, an international standard
format, and a format that uses relative phrases like <span class=" em">today</span> and
<span class=" em">yesterday</span>. The drop-down list shows the formats by example, by
showing the current date and time in that format.</p></div>
<div class="sect sect-links">
<div class="hgroup"><h2>Further Reading</h2></div>
<div class="contents"><div class="links guidelinks">
<div class="title"><h3><span class="title">More About</span></h3></div>
<ul><li class="links"><a href="nautilus-prefs.html">File manager preferences</a></li></ul>
<div class="footer"><div class="copyrights"></div></div>
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