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Xamarin, Adding AI to App
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Adding AI to App


This repository includes the demo of presentation Adding AI to App

In this demo, we are using Microsoft Cognitive Services API's to add artificial intelligence to a Xamarin.Forms application.

The demo is based on these four categories.

Computer Vision

Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer API is used to get tags and caption after taking a picture with device camera / gallery

Face Emotion - Search Gifs using your face emotion

Microsoft Cognitive Services Emotion API is used to get your emotion after taking a picture of yourself with the device camera. Based on your face emotion, random Gif is shown from Giphy search.

Custom Vision - Buckled up or not

Microsoft Cognitive Services Custom Vision API is used to train the images and predict whether the driver is buckled up car seat belt or not. It's using downloaded coreml/tensorflow models to do prediction offline.

Text Analytics

Microsoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics API is used to analyze the text, detect language, entity recognition, sentiment analysis and keyphrase extraction.

You can also get in touch with me @ksivamuthu I will be happy to help!

How to run?

The demo requires,

  • Visual Studio or VS for Mac with Xamarin tools installed

Get API keys

  1. To get a trial key and be able to use the APIs, go to
  2. Create app and get API key in Giphy Developer Portal
  3. Update the keys in XamAI/Settings.cs
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