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Boost Bot's IQ Presentation
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Boost your Bot's IQ Demo

This repository includes the demo of presentation Boost your Bot's IQ

Hello World Bot

The simple hello world bot using typescript and serverless functions. The prerequisites and setup instructions are in the read me of directory

Restaurant Bot

The restaurant bot asks details like location, cuisine, restaurant, time and party size to make a reservation in restaurant. It's sequential bot with waterfall steps implemented using single dialog. The dialog will start when user types create reservation

Restaurant Multi Dialog Bot

The restaurant bot conversation is built using multiple dialogs such as location dialog, restaurant dialog, when dialog, party size dialog. The create reservation master dialogs controls the conversation flow.

Luis Bot

The LUIS model is trained and integrated. Now the restaurant bot can understand the human language.

Luis All Bot

More LUIS model on location, restaurant, when, party size is trained and integrated. Now the restaurant bot can understand the human language and switch the context in mid of conversation.

App Insights Bot

Integrated AppInsights SDK and collect/measure the analytics of bot including custom events.

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