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Microsoft NodeJS Bot Hands On Lab
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Microsoft NodeJS Bot Framework Hands On Labs

Humans are great at conversations. We read between lines. We understand sarcasm. We constantly leverages contextual information when we respond to someone else. Can chatbot do the same, interact with human and as human?

Hello everyone !!! This is series of hands-on-labs as end-to-end guide to building conversational experience using the Microsoft NodeJS Bot framework.


The content is broken up into 8 separate labs. Each lab builds upon the previous, so it's highly recommended to walk through them in order. That being said, if you're impatient I've added starter projects for each section.

Lab 1 - Setup walks through the setup of your Visual Studio Code development environment as well as the installation of the Microsoft Bot Emulator (priceless when it comes to debugging your application).

Lab 2 - LUIS provides a hands-on walk through of training a custom LUIS model to understand and interpret user intents. An absolute must for building conversational experiences.

Lab 3 - Integrate LUIS demonstrates how to integrate the NodeJS Bot Framework with our LUIS model in addition to some basic conversational state management.

Lab 4 - Bot Builder provides a conceptual overview of the NodeJS Bot Framework and some of the critical components you'll want to become familiar with.

Lab 5 - Dialogs Introduces and implements general Dialog design patterns

Lab 6 - LUIS all the way down implements design patterns for integrating our LUIS model throughout the entire life cycle of a conversation.

Lab 7 - Custom Recognizers/Scorables demonstrates global message handlers for addressing common commands throughout your bot application.

Lab 8 - Azure Bot Service walks through the process of deploying and hosting your bot logic within a reliable and durable Azure environment.

If you want to checkout the .NET version of this lab, here you go.


Please note, Botbuilder v4 is released on Sep 21, 2018. This lab develops a bot using Botbuilder v3.

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