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DamirPorobic committed Dec 31, 2019
1 parent 3341e50 commit 8d116b3eb555d2c5a712a5c224da405432c41f4f
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* Changed: Shortcut for imgur upload was changed to Shift + i. ([#161](
* Changed kImageAnnotator: Increase blur level so that large text is not visible. ([#62](
* Changed kImageAnnotator: Crop widget updates shows via cursor if something is movable. ([#64](
* Changed kImageAnnotator: Multi-tool buttons select current (last) tool on single click. ([#66](
* Fixed: Translations not working for Windows and MacOS. ([#164](
* Fixed: AppImage update fails with "None of the artifacts matched the pattern in the update information". ([#166](
* Fixed: Wildcards in path are not resolved. ([#168](

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