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Continuous build

22 Jun 05:29
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Continuous build Pre-release

Build logs:
Build Time: 22.06.2024 07:23:21 CEST


15 Mar 09:43
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  • Fixed: DragAndDrop not working with snaps. (#898)
  • Fixed: Loading image from stdin single instance client runner side doesn't work. (#741)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Fix for unnecessary scrollbars. (#303)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Add KDE support for scale factor. (#302)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Show tab tooltips on initial tabs.
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Sticker resizing is broken when bounding rect flipped. (#306)


22 May 18:39
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  • New: Set image save location on command line. (#666)
  • New: Add debug logging. (#711)
  • New: Add FTP upload. (#104)
  • New: Upload image via command line without opening editor. (#217)
  • New: Add multi-language comment option to desktop file. (#726)
  • New: Add MimeType of Images to desktop file. (#725)
  • New: Add .jpeg to open file dialog filter (File > Open). (#749)
  • New: Escape closes window (and exits when not using tray). (#770)
  • New: Double-click mouse to confirm rect selection. (#771)
  • New: Activate tab that is prompting for save. (#750)
  • New: Add Save all options menu. (#754)
  • New: Allow overwriting existing files. (#661)
  • New: Allow setting Imgur upload title/description. (#679)
  • New: Search bar in the settings dialog. (#619)
  • New: Make implicit capture delay configurable. (#820)
  • New: Shortcuts for Actions can be made global and non-global per config. (#823)
  • New: OCR scan of screenshots (via plugin). (#603)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add optional undo, redo, crop, scale and modify canvas buttons to dock widgets. (#263)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Cut out vertical or horizontal slice of an image. (#236)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Middle-click on tab header closes tab. (#280)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add button to fit image into current view. (#281)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow changing item opacity. (#110)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add support for RGBA colors with transparency. (#119)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add mouse cursor sticker. (#290)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow scaling stickers per setting. (#285)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Respect original aspect ratio of stickers. (#291)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Respect original size of stickers. (#295)
  • Fixed: Opens a new window for each capture. (#728)
  • Fixed: First cli invocation won't copy image to clipboard. (#764)
  • Fixed: Snipping area incorrectly positioned with screen scaling. (#276)
  • Fixed: MainWindow position not restored when outside primary screen. (#789)
  • Fixed: Interface window isn't restored to the default after tab is closed in maximized state. (#757)
  • Fixed: Failed Imgur uploads show up titled as 'Upload Successful'. (#802)
  • Fixed: Preview of screenshot is scaled after changing desktop size. (#844)
  • Fixed: After an auto start followed by reboot/turn on the window section is stretched. (#842)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Adding image effect does not send image change notification. (#283)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Blur / Pixelate break when going past image edge once. (#267)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Item opacity not applied when item shadow disabled. (#284)
  • Changed: Improve translation experience by using full sentences. (#759)
  • Changed: Make switch 'to select tool after drawing item' by default disabled.
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Max font size changed to 100pt.


22 Nov 22:15
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  • Fixed: Version `Qt_5.15' not found (required by /usr/bin/ksnip). (#712)
  • Fixed: CI packages show continuous suffix for tagged build. (#710)
  • Fixed: kImageAnnotator not translated with deb package. (#359)
  • Fixed: Windows packages increased in size. (#713)
  • Fixed: Translations are not working in ksnip snap package. (#662)
  • Fixed: The string 'Actions' is not available for translation. (#729)
  • Fixed: HiDPI issue with multiple screen on Windows. (#668)
  • Fixed: Snipping Area not closing when pressing ESC. (#735)
  • Fixed: Sometimes "Snipping Area Rulers" not shown after starting rectangular selection. (#684)
  • Fixed: Cursor not positioned correctly when snipping area opens. (#736)
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor not captured when triggered via global shortcut. (#737)
  • Fixed: Dual 4K screens get scrambled on X11. (#734)
  • Fixed: VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. (#743)
  • Fixed: Screenshot area issue when monitor count changes on Windows. (#722)
  • Fixed: Wayland does not support QWindow::requestActivate(). (#656)
  • Fixed: Wrong area is captured on a Wayland screen scaling. (#691)
  • Changed: Enforce xdg-desktop-portal screenshots for Gnome >= 41. (#727)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Crash while typing text on wayland. (#256)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Show scrollbar when not all tools visible. (#258)


13 Sep 17:27
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Fixed: MacOS package damaged and not starting. (#653)
Fixed: Deb CI build is frequently failing due to docker image pull limit. (#655)
Fixed: Dropped temporary images appear in the open recent menu. (#613)
Fixed: Resizing window to match content doesn't work on opening first image/screenshot. (#664)
Fixed: HiDPI issue with multiple screen on Windows. (#668)
Fixed: Cursor not captured in rectangle capture. (#670)
Changed: Migrate CI from Travic-CI to GitHub Action. (#676)
Fixed kImageAnnotator: Crashes on destruction. (#242)
Fixed kImageAnnotator: Memory leaks caught by ASAN. (#243)
Changed kImageAnnotator: Use system font provided by QGuiApplication as default for text tool. (#247)


24 May 17:34
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  • New: Add option to select the default action for tray icon left click. (#502)
  • New: Open/Paste from clipboard via tray icon. (#520)
  • New: Show/hide toolbar and annotation settings with TAB. (#476)
  • New: Add setting for auto hiding toolbar and annotator settings. (#527)
  • New: Allow setting transparency of not selected snipping area region. (#517)
  • New: Resize selected rect area with arrow keys. (#515)
  • New: Copy a screenshot to clipboard as data URI. (#474)
  • New: Allow disabling tray icon notifications. (#561)
  • New: Provide option to open recent files. (#272)
  • New: Allow disabling auto resizing after first capture. (#551)
  • New: Drag and Drop from ksnip to other applications. (#377)
  • New: Add support for KDE Plasma notification service. (#592)
  • New: ksnip as MSI Package for window. (#546)
  • New: User-defined actions for taking screenshot and post-processing. (#369)
  • New: Add 'hide main window' option to actions. (#636)
  • New: Discord Invite in application. (#638)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add function for loading translations. (#173)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add a new tool for creating resizable movable duplicates of regions. (#131)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add support for hiding annotation settings panel. (#182)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add config option for numbering tool to only set next number. (#42)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow manually changing canvas size. (#92)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Canvas background color configurable. (#91)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Zoom in and out with keyboard shortcuts. (#192)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Zoom in and out via buttons from UI. (#197)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add reset zoom keyboard shortcut with tooltip. (#209)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add keyboard shortcut support for text tool. (#183)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow rotating background image. (#199)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow flipping background image horizontally and vertically. (#221)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Configurable UI with dockable settings widgets. (#102)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add invert color image effect. (#228)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow disabling item shadow per item from UI. (#223)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add a font selection to UI. (#130)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add zoom in/out capability to crop view. (#212)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Allow to zoom in modify canvas view. (#229)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Select item after drawing it and allow changing settings. (#230)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Change drop shadow to cover all sites. (#202)
  • Fixed: Not possible to change adorner color. (#601)
  • Fixed: ksnip --version output printed to stderr. (#617)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Deleting item outside image doesn't decrease canvas size. (#164)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Duplicate region of grayscale image has color. (#214)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Marker shows fill and width config when modifying existing item. (#225)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Highlighter/Marker washed out color and overlapping. (#227)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Popup menus shown outside screen. (#226)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Not possible to enter value in the width tool. (#233)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Obfuscation tool shows fonts settings when switching from tool with font. (#231)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Annotation tools are not displayed if application starts with docks hidden. (#237)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Vertical scrollbar missing after using Paste embedded and moving the image. (#232)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Not possible to disable tool automatically deselected after drawn. (#238)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Annotation tool shortcuts do not work if the panel is hidden. (#239)


22 Mar 22:01
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  • Fixed: Add missing includes to build on UNIX. (#581)
  • Fixed: Ksnip starts minimized. (#593)
  • Fixed: Main window still show after screenshot when corresponding option disabled. (#596)
  • Fixed: Cancel screenshot shows main window when window was hidden. (#607)
  • Fixed: HiDPI scaling not handled correctly under windows. (#590)
  • Fixed: Close button hidden after taking screenshot under kwin. (#588)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Fetching image from annotator with HiDPI enabled pixelates image. (#218)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Keep aspect ratio only work when pressing CTRL before moving resize handle. (#219)


14 Feb 19:00
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  • Changed: Allow changing adorner color for rect area selection. (#519)
  • Changed: Notarize ksnip for macOS. (#402)
  • Changed: Default font for numbering tool change to Arial. (#200)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Horizontally align text inside spin box. (#203)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Change zoom with mouse wheel to CTRL+Wheel. (#210)
  • Fixed: If file selection is cancelled during ksnip's file open dialog via tray icon, ksnip closes. (#503)
  • Fixed: Cancel on Quit not work when editor is hidden. (#342)
  • Fixed: Canceling rect area selection activates main window. (#521)
  • Fixed: Enter key doesn't finishes resizing. (#523)
  • Fixed: Missing version number in mac binaries. (#401)
  • Fixed: Canceling save dialog show the option save path in the header. (#545)
  • Fixed: Save-as Window does not get focus when using snap. (#543)
  • Fixed: Editor can not be shown again after click close icon. (#400)
  • Fixed: Icons and text boxes not correctly scaled under gnome with hdpi. (#549)
  • Fixed: Window captures include non-transparent border of background on Gnome. (#460)
  • Fixed: Annotating hidpi image downscales the result after being saved. (#172)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Brazilian Portuguese translation not loaded. (#176)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: error: control reaches end of non-void function. (#177)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Cursor in Text tool have too bad visibility. (#184)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: bumped SONAME without name change. (#185)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Entering multiple characters at once moves the text cursor only for one character. (#186)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Activating context menu while drawing item leaves item in error state. (#196)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Icons not scaled on gnome with hdpi enabled. (#201)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Text/Number Pointer and Text/Number Arrow don't inherit Text/Number Font in Settings. (#208)


13 Dec 18:57
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  • New: Pin screenshots in frameless windows that stay in foreground. (#365)
  • New: Support for unit tests. (#80)
  • New: Add brew cask package for ksnip. (#394)
  • New: Allow setting image quality when saving images. (#382)
  • New: Add support for cross-platform wayland screenshots using xdg-desktop-portal. (#243)
  • New: Add save and save as tab contextMenu items. (#332)
  • New: Add open directory context menu item on capture tabs. (#339)
  • New: Add copy path to clipboard context menu item on capture tabs. (#331)
  • New: Add option to delete saved images. (#378)
  • New: Add support for loading image from stdin. (#414)
  • New: Add screenshot options as application actions to desktop file. (#450)
  • New: Allow renaming existing images. (#438)
  • New: Make hiding main window during screenshot optional. (#386)
  • New: Open several files at once in tabs. (#355)
  • New: Allow modifying selected rectangle before making screenshot. (#197)
  • New: Option to keep main window hidden after a taking screenshot. (#409)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add Pixelate image area tool. (#140)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Zoom in and out. (#123)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add interface for adding custom tab context menu actions. (#96)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add drop shadow to captured images. (#133)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add grayscale image effect. (#151)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add numeric pointer with arrow annotation item. (#152)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add text pointer annotation item. (#154)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add text pointer with arrow annotation item. (#153)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Add option to automatically switching to select tool after drawing item. (#161)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Edit Text box with double click. (#60)
  • New kImageAnnotator: Resize elements while keeping aspect ratio. (#170)
  • Changed: Show all Screenshot options in System Tray. (#404)
  • Changed: Upload multiple stickers at once. (#427)
  • Changed: Follow pattern for monochromatic systray icon. (#352)
  • Changed: Pin window shows default cursor when mouse over it. (#465)
  • Changed: Cancel snipping area if no selection made after 60 sec. (#475)
  • Changed: Allow removing imgur account. (#366)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Draw point when clicking and releasing without moving cursor. (#136)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Zoom out less than 100%. (#150)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Change to select tool after adding new annotation item. (#155)
  • Changed kImageAnnotator: Move current zoom text to left side config panel. (#157)
  • Fixed: Snap crashing when trying to take screenshot under Wayland. (#389)
  • Fixed: zh_Hans translation won't load. (#429)
  • Fixed: Ksnip only saves the upper right part of the screenshot with HiDPI. (#439)
  • Fixed: Main window not resized with new captures. (#446)
  • Fixed: Brazilian Portuguese translation not loaded. (#493)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Blur radius not updated when changing current items settings. (#142)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Text tool opens many unix sockets. (#144)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Text No Border and No Fill shows shadow beneath text. (#148)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Item properties remain displayed after item is removed or deselected. (#168)
  • Fixed kImageAnnotator: Changing text box through editing text doesn't update resize handles. (#171)
  • Fixed kColorPicker: Border around colors is not centered. (#6)


30 Jul 20:15
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  • New: Provide ksnip flatpak. (#127)
  • Changed: Install svg icon file in hicolor theme dir instead of usr/share/pixmaps/. (#297)