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Build a ks Docker image

The intended use case for building a docker images is to run ks from CI/CD. As a development tool it is recommended to install ks locally, though it is still possible to use the docker image for development as well.

Copy and paste the following commands:

# Clone the ksonnet repo into your GOPATH
go get

# Build and install binary under shortname `ks` into $GOPATH/bin
cd "${GOPATH}/src/"
make docker-image

Running ks via docker

In order to run via docker, the ks process needs access to a kubernetes config file, certificates, and the current working directory. Pass in the --mount flag to capture the path of these files. Here's what it looks like running on a local cluster with minikube:

docker run -e KUBECONFIG="$HOME/.kube/config" --mount type=bind,source="$HOME/.kube/config",target="$HOME/.kube/config" --mount type=bind,source="$HOME/.minikube",target="$HOME/.minikube" --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target="$(pwd)" --network host -w "$(pwd)" ks:v0.12.0 --help

This sets the $KUBECONFIG environment variable inside the container, mounts the config and the directory holding certificates (which can be found inside the kubeconfig), and mounts the current working directory so that the ks binary knows where to work.

Optionally, set an alias to shorten the verbose command if using the docker image locally.

alias ks='docker run -e KUBECONFIG=/path/to/kube/config --mount type=bind,source=/path/to/kube/config,target=/path/to/kube/config --mount type=bind,source=/path/to/cert/dir,target=/path/to/cert/dir --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target="$(pwd)" --network host -w "$(pwd)" ks:v0.12.0'