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// @apiVersion 0.0.1
// @name io.ksonnet.pkg.redis-stateless
// @description Stateless redis, backed with NO persistent volume claim. Redis is deployed
// using a Kubernetes deployment, exposed to the network with a service, with
// a password stored in a secret.
// @shortDescription A simple, stateless Redis deployment,
// @param name string Name to give to each of the components.
// @optionalParam redisPassword string null User password to supply to redis
local k = import 'k.libsonnet';
local redis = import 'incubator/redis/redis.libsonnet';
local name = import 'param://name';
local redisPassword = import 'param://redisPassword';
local secretName =
if redisPassword != "null" then name else null;
local optionalSecret =
if redisPassword != "null"
then, redisPassword)
else null;
std.prune([, secretName),,