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Incubator Registry


This directory is an official ksonnet-compatible registry. If you are unfamiliar with ksonnet, we recommend browsing the official site to gain more context.

Out of the box, ksonnet's CLI tool (ks) is aware of the incubator registry, and can download any of its libraries via ks pkg install.


Assuming that you have the ks tool installed, you can use any library in this registry as follows, by replacing redis with <library-name>:

# List all available packages (e.g. apache, efk, mariadb..)
ks pkg list

# Describe a specific package
ks pkg describe incubator/redis@master

# Download a specific package
ks pkg install incubator/redis@master

Library-specific Documentation

Each of the libraries in this directory has its own README.md. These are autogenerated from the metadata in their parts.yaml file, using the doc-gen script.

Note that you can use the ks commands in your terminal to access this same documentation.