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Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. Check shouldAutoPublishInstall on auto publish.

    John Ketchpaw authored
    Summary: We're not.  This was dropped during the port of the iOS implementation.  Thanks to Karsten Sperling ( for reporting.
    Test Plan: modify a sample to change the value to false, and see publish not occur.  revert + delete the app & re-test.  see the publish occur.
    Reviewers: mmarucheck
    CC: msdkexp@, neko-dev@
    Differential Revision:
    Blame Revision: D559309
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. Make DialogError usable

Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. updated url to developer page since <app_id> was getting stripped by …

    John Ketchpaw authored
    persumably the XSS code that github runs caused this part of the url to be dropped.  we'd rather have the url be clickable with screaming caps so that
    it's obvious what we're trying to express.
    Test Plan: none.
    Reviewers: mmarucheck
    Reviewed By: mmarucheck
    CC: msdkexp@
    Differential Revision:
    Blame Revision: 559309
  2. Install attribution tracking

    John Ketchpaw authored
    On authorize, automatically publish an install attribution if it can be acquired from the installed Facebook application, and the application allows it.
    If the app does not use Facebook login, they may call publishInstall() directly.
    In both cases, this code handles tracking success so that reporting should only occur once.
    Call early, call often for best results.
    Test Plan:
    - ant build Hackbook
    - Ran Hackbook, verified that the publish occurs.
    - Ran again, verified that the publish did not reoccur.
    - Modify hackbook to explicitly publish.  Saw it work.
    Revert Plan:
    safe to revert
    Reviewers: clang, mmarucheck
    Reviewed By: mmarucheck
    CC: msdkexp@
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 1404123
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. @rightparen

    Enable caching last-token-updated timestamp

    rightparen authored
    There was only a single method for setting the access token on the
    Facebook class (setAccessToken()).  This did not distinguish between
    setting a token loaded from cache vs.  setting a new token resulting
    from authorization.
    Since setAccessToken() updates the last-token-updated timestamp, and
    since this timestamp is used to determine when to refresh the token,
    it always looked like the token had just been updated when the app's
    Activity started.  This meant the Facebook class would never try to
    refresh the token.
    To fix this, the Facebook class now supports getting the value of the
    last-token-updated timestamp, and also supports restoring this along
    with the token value and expiration timestamp in a single operation.
    This also updates Hackbook to demonstrate caching.
    Test Plan:
    - ant build Hackbook
    - Ran Hackbook, verified that we could get and restore the timestamp.
    Revert Plan:
    safe to revert
    Reviewers: clang, vijaye, caabernathy
    Reviewed By: clang
    CC: msdkexp@
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 1363221
Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. @rightparen

    Disable password saving in FbDialog

    rightparen authored
    By default, Android WebViews store passwords in a per-application
    sqlite database.  This changes the default for the Facebook SDK.
    Test Plan:
    - Build from command-line.
    - Uninstall Facebook app, run Hackbook, log in, adb shell, inspect
      webview database to verify no password was saved.
    Revert Plan: OK
    Reviewers: clang, jacl, vijaye
    Reviewed By: vijaye
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 1108189
Commits on May 13, 2012
  1. Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'

Commits on Apr 17, 2012
  1. @rightparen

    Merge small pull requests

    rightparen authored
    To give credit for changes, I am listing author/pull request here
    for changes incorporated in this checkin.
    I am submitting these changes directly to master to preserve a
    linear history, to allow for minor edits, and to credit multiple
    people when more than one change was merged to fix a single issue.
    === Summary by submitter of pull requests in this commit ===
    - 160: ClassCastExceptions in
    grant land:
    - 216: Fix ArrayOutOfBoundsException when clicking "Don't Allow" in FbDialog one
    - 117: Fixed a NPE
    - 261: Add support for Android build system.
    - 218: Fix exception when trying to decode invalid string
    - 246: Fix for Issue #160: ClassCastExceptions filling up the logs.
    To investigate pull request 260, I enabled orientation changes in Hackbook.
    This did not demonstrate the issue, but doesn't hurt anything and makes it
    easier to test on the x86 emulator.
    I also fixed some build issues in Hackbook around SDK version required and
    the path to the SDK.
    Test Plan:
    Full clean builds of facebook and Hackbook.
    Verify creating Eclipse project per public docs still works.
    Upload photo in Android Hackbook.
    Reviewers: caabernathy, jacl, vijaye, yariv
    Reviewed By: jacl
    CC: ekoneil, gregschechte
    Differential Revision:
    Revert Plan: Safe to revert
    Task ID: 1028564
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
  1. @rightparen

    Fixed null pointer issue.

    rightparen authored
    We need to call unbindService on a Context.  In some cases, mAuthActivity
    is null.  Since applicationsContext is passed in to the constructor
    and never modified, it should not be null.  So we call unbindService
    on applicationsContext instead.
    Test Plan: Try SSO with pre-1.8 FB app.
    Reviewers: vijaye, jacl, caabernathy
    Reviewed By: vijaye
    CC: selekman, constantin, lshepard
    Differential Revision:
    Revert Plan: Safe to revert
    Task ID: 982981
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. @vijaye

    Disable logging by default

    vijaye authored
    Logging was turned on unconditionally before, which led to apps leaking
    sensitive data.  This change puts the logging api behind an explicit gate that
    developers have to turn on.
    It's unfortunate that this isn't automatic - ideally this would automatically
    turn on for non-release signed bits.  I couldn't find such a check in Android
    framework.  If android experts have better ways of tackling this, i'm all ears.
    But bear in mind this is a security fix and needs to go out asap.
    Test Plan: Launched in default mode and verified no logging in emulator.
    Turned on log gate and verified logging.
    Reviewers: mmarucheck, lshepard, yariv, raghuc1
    Reviewed By: mmarucheck
    CC: gregschechte, jacl
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 933141
  2. @vijaye

    Fixing Token refresh issue in SDK

    vijaye authored
    The TokenRefresh intent is exposed as a service, but we were validating it as
    an activity.  Fixign that and refactoring code. This code should have never
    Note that without the FB app the refresh token feature will not work.  If that
    is necessary, it's not part of this diff.
    Test Plan: Verify that hackbook can login & refresh token on the emulator.
    Reviewers: mmarucheck, yariv, ttung, raghuc1, trvish, pfung
    Reviewed By: mmarucheck
    CC: gregschechte, jacl, lshepard
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 926377
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
  1. @yariv
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
  1. Added the refresh token method.

    Kamil Kraszewski authored Kamil Kraszewski committed
    Summary: This allows developers to silently refresh their access token by
    calling Facebook.refreshToken method. This SDK will try to call our Facebook
    Android App which will handle the API call.
    Test Plan:
    This requires adding a refresh token service to our sdk. See D364973.
    After that try using the new Hackbook example.
    Reviewers: jimbru, raghuc1, brent, dalves, ttung, yariv
    Reviewed By: jimbru
    CC: dalves, jimbru
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 799996
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
  1. Update

    dpurdy authored
  2. Update

    dpurdy authored
Commits on Dec 18, 2011
  1. Merge branch 'error_parsing'

  2. Handle error_code and error_msg parameters in return URLs.

    A failed feed post returns those (there may be other endpoints that use them).
  3. More local ignores

  4. Local gitignore changes

Commits on Dec 1, 2011
  1. Fixed setAccessExpiresIn method.

    Kamil Kraszewski authored Kamil Kraszewski committed
    There are two types of access tokens:
     - ones that doesn't expire (expiresIn == 0)
     - ones that have some expiration period( (expiresIn > 0)
    When we receive a new token from FB server for both them we call the
    setAccessExpiresIn method.
    Because of that:
    1. We shouldn't ignore the "0" value
    2. We should also expect tokens that have long expiration period.
    For example 60 days is 2592000000000 miliseconds which is too much for an
    integer variable to handle :)
    Test Plan: Tried Login In / Logout for both types of tokens.
    Reviewers: jimbru, yariv
    Reviewed By: jimbru
    CC: kamil, jimbru
    Differential Revision: 370353
  2. Refactoring of Android's Hackbook example

    Kamil Kraszewski authored Kamil Kraszewski committed
    Cleaning of the Hackbook code. Main reason of this commit is mixing tabs and
    white spaces inside the code, which makes the code ugly (for example browsing
    the code inside github).
    In addition I also refactored few other things:
     - I tried to wrap the lines to 100 characters per line (80 per comments) - at
    least in those places where it made sense
     - Remove trailing whitespaces and unnecessary blank lines
     - Add missing @Override adnnotations
     - Fixed syntax in some places (like "for(i=0;..." -> "for (i = 0;...")
     - Added missing 'static' keywords
    Test Plan:
    Run the app and see if everything works :-)
    Reviewers: jimbru, raghuc1, vksgupta, dalves
    Reviewed By: dalves
    CC: platform-diffs@lists, nbushak, dalves
    Differential Revision: 370079
Commits on Oct 10, 2011
  1. [android][oauth2] add more descriptive description to invalid_key errors

    Ray He authored
    This is the android sdk side of D340841.
    The hope is that developers will be able to take the key they passed
    in and past it into their application, thus skipping the necessity of
    having keytool and openssl. It also reduces frustration.
    Test Plan:
    This requires a change to our sdk :-/, which currently dosn't show error
    descriptions. Anyone
    know how I can push a change to the git repo?
    We start with non-useful error message. After applying this and the sdk change,
    we get the
    after pasting in our key from the message, sso succeeds
    Reviewers: yariv, jimbru, ahimel, brent, lshepard
    Reviewed By: jimbru
    CC: platform-diffs@lists, ptarjan, naitik, rhe, jimbru, yariv, lshepard
    Differential Revision: 341355
    Revert Plan: ok
    Platform Impact (PUBLIC):
    Android SSO invalid_key failures will now contain the key that
    developers attempted to use.  If this key were to be copied directly
    into the application settings, SSO will work properly for this
    application. This makes it so that developers never have to mess
    around with keytool/openssl. They can just attempt a request with a
    dummy string, then use the error string returned by our endpoint.
  2. Hackbook for Android Sample app.

    Vikas Gupta authored
    Summary: The sample app includes SSO, feed and apprequests dialogs, get friends
    via graph or fql, post on friend's wall, get nearby places and check-in to a
    place, upload photo from local media gallery or remote server and Graph API
    Test Plan: The sample app can be downloaded from: Try it out and lmk if
    code can be optimized or other changes.
    Reviewers: lshepard, mattwkelly, dkim, dlim, caabernathy, omids
    Reviewed By: dkim
    CC: platform-diffs@lists, nbushak, vksgupta, ccwu, erling, dlim, dkim
    Differential Revision: 325685
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