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Putting Wings on SPHINCS

SPHINCS is a recently proposed stateless hash-based signature scheme and promising candidate for a post-quantum secure digital signature scheme. This repository contains optimized implementations of the cryptographic hash functions for both ARM and x86 which are used to instantiate SPHINCS with (for more details see the paper):

  • ChaCha12: The original proposal for SPHINCS.
  • Haraka: An AES-based short-input hash function.
  • Keccak: Using the 800-bit permutation and 12 rounds.
  • SHA256: The SHA256 standard.
  • Simpira: An AES-based permutation.

All implementations utilize the available crypto extensions on the current AMD, ARM and Intel platforms.

The number of cycles to generate one signature are

Primitive Intel Haswell Intel Skylake AMD Ryzen ARM Cortex A57 ARM Cortex A72
ChaCha12 52.249.518 43.495.454 63.427.980 193.512.960 199.582.208
Haraka 33.640.796 20.782.894 15.545.370 47.100.928 45.261.312
Keccak[b=800, r=12] 122.517.136 108.629.952 189.986.970 376.908.288 392.445.952
SHA256 157.270.152 142.063.840 53.332.380 92.088.832 92.767.744
Simpira 33.210.104 28.408.658 20.439.600 63.489.536 62.707.712

The ARM code can be used to cross-compile binaries which run the SPHINCS benchmarks, while the x86 code can be directly used with SUPERCOP.

Note that this code should NOT be used in production and its sole purpose is to evaluate the performance of instantiating SPHINCS with different cryptographic hash functions.


Optimized implementations for cryptographic hash functions for the use in hash-based signature schemes.




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