Headers of .embeddedframework not found #39

blackivory86 opened this Issue Jan 19, 2012 · 1 comment

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I'm trying to include my .embeddedframework package into a project (I need to use the .embeddedframework because I have a XIB in my framework-project) by dragging the .framework-folder into the projects "Frameworks" group. In the import dialog I select the copy-option.
I cant use #import in my project. It tells me the headers can not be found even if they are set as public in the Framework-Project Build-Phases settings. They are definitely in the .embeddedframework folder and they are included in the project.


How do you use #import? For example if header files in framework are in "XXX.framework/Headers/Classes/header1.h" you should import them in the following way: #import

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