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No longer seems to support dependency building #44

tolmasky opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I have a workspace set up with two projects: the first is an iOS static framework ("Real"), the second is the project that uses this framework. Before todays changes, and with 4.2.1, changing something in the framework source and building the project worked as expected: the framework would be rebuilt. I tried owainhunt's pull earlier today on my other computer and that worked fine (still had this behavior). However, with the latest alternative changes (Mk.7), this no longer seems to work: that is, changing the framework and compiling the actual project doesn't seem to cause a compile of the framework to be initiated.


Also, Xcode seems to insist on renaming the product from "WhateverKit.framework" to "WhateverKit"


Damn... looks like it didn't work after all :(

And here I was thinking that I'd finally found a way to avoid modifying xcode...


OK, I've reverted my other changes and updated it to handle the new install location of xcode 4.3.

@kstenerud kstenerud closed this
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