Luxeed LED Keyboard Driver
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Luxeed LED Keyboard driver.

This is an Linux driver for the 
Luxeed deTA 100/200 LED Keyboards

It is written in C using libusb and libevent.
The driver currently needs root access, unless udev is
configured to chown/chmod the device.

It is probably also portable to other operating
systems where libusb is ported.

The daemon creates a localhost TCP socket.
Multiple clients can open and write commands to it.

** License:

See LICENSE in the source distribution.

** Goal:

* Decipher the USB protocol / messages.
* Create a simple driver.
* Create a daemon that can recieve high-level events.

** Testing:

cd src
make install-prereqs (required sudo)
make test            (requires sudo)

Watch the pretty rainbow!

** luxeed daemon

cd src
# Start server.
sudo ./luxeed --server &
# Start two concurrent clients.
(./luxeed_t1 &); ./luxeed_t2