Convert old Interbase databases to PostgreSQL
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I'd been hosting this file on my personal site for years. As I still get a few
requests for it, I thought I'd make it easier for people to find and work
with. That said, I present you...

## DBReplicate

I wrote a Perl program to help my company migrate from Interbase to PostgreSQL
by extracting a database's data and metadata and dumping it as a set of SQL
commands (similar to pg_dump or mysqldump).

I wrote the program originally to do a row-level backup of our Interbase
databases. We had a few that were corrupted, and the standard tools were
unable to extract data from them without segfaulting, so I came up with this
to scavenge as much information as possible from the failing databases.
Recently, I convinced my company to dump Interbase in favor of PostgreSQL
(yay!), but we host about 20 websites, each with databases in the hundreds of
thousands of rows, and we weren't looking forward to the data transfer at all.
I happened to remember this program, made a few modifications, and came up
with something that Works Good Enough For Now.

* Full exporting of all data and metadata in a database.

* A rudimentary mechanism for re-writing datatype names (a simple one-way Perl
  hash). Support for converting Interbase auto-incremement triggers to
  PostgreSQL SERIAL fields, including setting the current value at the end of
  the process.

* Basic generator re-writing