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2 Attendee Procedure for incident
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3. If everyone is presently physically safe, involve law enforcement or security only at a victim's request. If you do feel your safety in jeopardy please do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement by dialing 911. If you do not have a cell phone, you can use any hotel phone or simply ask a staff member.
-**Note**: Public shaming can be counter-productive to building a strong community. PyCon does not condone nor participate in such actions out of respect.
+**Note**: Incidents that violate the Code of Conduct are extremely damaging to the community, and they will not be tolerated. The silver lining is that, in many cases, these incidents present a chance for the offenders, and the community at large, to grow, learn, and become better. Use your best judgment with regard to reporting an incident. PyCon staff requests that they be your first resort so that they may enforce the Code of Conduct and take quick action toward a resolution.
A listing of [PyCon staff is located here](/2013/about/staff/), including contact phone numbers. If at all possible, all reports should be made directly to [Ewa Jodlowska]( (Event Coordinator) or [Jesse Noller]( (PyCon Chair).
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-pycon code of conduct
+This is a "fork" of the 2013 PyCon code of conduct including the staff and attendee guides.
+Thank you to Adria Richards and many others with the Python Software Foundation and Python community for recommending
+that we publicly discuss and version control these documents so changes can be suggested, wording corrected and we can
+continue to iterate, as a community on these policies and procedures.
+PyCon and the community as a whole are still very much in a learning process, the conference is 11 years old and still
+evolving daily. Each year we see massive improvements (such as the code of conduct and staff procedures) and PyCon 2013
+was no different.
+We hope, as a team we can iterate and improve continually.
+No changes are final until approved by the PyCon Chair / Staff and versions in place for a given year will be clearly
+marked, the website contents on will clearly state the revision of the documents posted.

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