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This project was just a small test how to use phaser.IO with clojurescript and chestnut live programming.

Screenshort with clojurescript

For the test I implemented the extremly nice double jump example from the Game Mechanic Explorer.

Special thanks goes to John Watson


Start a REPL (in a terminal: lein repl, or from Emacs: open a clj/cljs file in the project, then do M-x cider-jack-in. Make sure CIDER is up to date).

In the REPL do


The call to (run) does two things, it starts the webserver at port 10555, and also the Figwheel server which takes care of live reloading ClojureScript code and CSS. Give them some time to start.

Running (browser-repl) starts the Weasel REPL server, and drops you into a ClojureScript REPL. Evaluating expressions here will only work once you've loaded the page, so the browser can connect to Weasel.

When you see the line Successfully compiled "resources/public/app.js" in 21.36 seconds., you're ready to go. Browse to http://localhost:10555 and enjoy.


Copyright © 2014 Kai Strempel

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 any later version.