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Build web application quick using Java, Angular and NoSql or SQL
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JAQ Stack

Build web applications quick using Java, Angular and NoSql or SQL

The Stack

  • Java 1.8
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Maven

Architecture of JAQ Stack

To be documented..

Built with

Using maven-archetype-webapp

Anatomy of a Java Web Application

To be documented..

Anatomy of An Angular Application

To be documented..


Build and Deployment

System requirements

Folder Strcuture

jaq-stack-folder-structureImage: Folder structure


  • core - includes the core build files and basic samples source files
  • docs - includes documents related to JAQ Stack
  • examples - includes examples built using JAQ Stack


  1. Java - Oracle Corporation
  2. Angular - Google
  3. Maven - Apache Maven Project

Questions / Suggestions

  • Suren Konathala Principal Architect/Developer. Tweet me @ksurendra
  • Viswa Patimalla Senior Developer
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