A 'Slack-like' web app built for communicating on different channels in order to manage community resources, like bills, maintenance, events, meals, etc. with React front-end & Firebase back-end
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Bird's Eye Community

Managing and overseeing community resources can be difficult. Whether you live with a group of people, roommates, or family, smoothly managing all that needs to be tracked and taken care of regarding your living needs is no easy task. Keeping an account of what people said, what needs to be done, or keeping track of what unique link, book, or movie that was mentioned over a meal can be lost in the wind.

Bird's Eye Community is a one-stop shop for taking care of communicating needs, issues, and other related home-life needs--all centered around the roof you live under. By authenticating with google, you can sign in to an account and click various channels that are pre-setup to allow an easy categorization of anything that needs attention including your bills, house-maintenance, garden, or creative pursuits.

This app is a SLACK-like app for communicating to your family, roommates, or a community over different channels to keep important topics separated so that nothing gets lost in the fray. Users are able to delete messages they have posted and star specific messages that demand more attention or need to be tagged as important.

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This Web App is built for the desktop. It is built with a ReactJS front-end and a Firebase back-end.

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