A Node/Express application using WebSockets to update poll data in real-time.
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Real-Time | Pollr

Customize your poll data with unique questions in mind and send a link to users to cast their vote on the Live Version

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In this project, the chief aim was to explore client-side security with Auth0 and build a real-time application with communications to WebSockets. When the server gets new information, it pushes it out to all of the connected clients, who each authorize with a github account. A user will come to the web app to create a poll/question for whatever audience of choice using 4 options/answers to go with it. Then a user’s Github image will act as a marker to indicate when they have selected a poll option. All poll option selections update in real-time, and the poll 'admin' is able to specify an ending date and time.

On the Server

This is a Node/Express application that starts off keeping all of the data in memory using local variables. WebSockets are used to broadcast poll results to the client.

On the Client

jQuery is used for all updating and DOM manipulations. WebSockets are used to broadcast a user's vote to the server. Auth0 is used to authorize the client with a Github account.

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Original Assignment


  1. Pull this repository down with git clone.
  2. npm install
  3. node server.js
  4. visit http://localhost:3000