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Parser for osr (osu! replays) file format
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osrparse, a parser for osu replays in Python

This is a parser for osu! rhythm game replays as described by


To install osrparse, simply:

$ pip install osrparse


To parse a replay from a filepath:

from osrparse import parse_replay_file

#returns instance of Replay

To parse a replay from a bytestring:

from osrparse import parse_replay

#returns instance of Replay given the replay data encoded as a bytestring

Replay instances provide these fields

self.game_mode #GameMode enum
self.game_version #Integer
self.beatmap_hash #String
self.player_name #String
self.replay_hash #String
self.number_300s #Integer
self.number_100s #Integer
self.number_50s #Integer
self.gekis #Integer
self.katus #Integer
self.misses #Integer
self.score #Integer
self.max_combo #Integer
self.is_perfect_combo #Boolean
self.mod_combination #frozenset of Mods
self.life_bar_graph #String, unparsed as of now
self.timestamp #Python Datetime object
self.play_data #List of ReplayEvent instances

ReplayEvent instances provide these fields

self.time_since_previous_action #Integer representing time in milliseconds
self.x #x axis location
self.y #y axis location
self.keys_pressed #bitwise sum of keys pressed, documented in OSR format page.
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