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Daily push buttons

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What is it?

🌱 buttons is a web service to help you keep doing things everyday, especially the things which you tend to forget to do, but is beneficial if you do it everyday. Typical examples are learning language, learning music, workout etc.

The followings are examples of tasks:

  • Learn a word in Spanish.
  • Learn a Chinese character.
  • Read a chapter of Bible.
  • Play a piano.
  • Work out.

How to

How to set up tasks in 🌱 buttons? The followings are guidelines:

  • Do:
    • Create a task easy to accomplish (in less than 10 min.).
    • Create a creative, constructive task.
    • Create a task easy to start.
    • Revisit the definition of tasks continuously and keep them in reasonable and meaningful state.
  • Don't
    • Create a task too difficult to accomplish in a single day. (ex. Post an blog article is too difficult. Write a part of article is a better alternative.)
    • Create a task hard to keep doing everyday. (ex. Climb a mountain if you're not a moutain guide.)
    • Make a (difficult) finish condition. (ex Win 3 games in row on Splatoon)

Let's start!

High level Architecture

🌱 buttons is a live web service, and its source code, architecture, and documentation are available online on github.




Build tools

Backend tools

Frontend tools



Code quality

Total Cost

  • Free! ✨😎

Domain Models

See domaindoc.


Unit test

Start mongo in a terminal:

./sakuw mongo

Then in a different console, run tests:

./sakuw kocha

Start local server

Start mongo:

./sakuw mongo

Then in a different console, run the server:

./sakuw start

This runs local static site and lcoal api server.


/ - auth/public

  • auth: Your buttons, Your checks
  • no auth: Login/Sign up link and list of the users

/:user - public


  • The user's check calendar

/:user/:date - public


  • The user's single day contribution

/settings - auth

  • The settings of profile and buttons

/set-id.html - auth

  • The settings of displayId on onboarding steps

/settings.html - auth

  • The settings of buttons and profile


GET /users/self - auth

  • Get the authenticated user

PUT /users/self - auth

  • Modify the authenticated user

PUT /users/self/id - auth

  • Sets the display

GET /users/self/buttons - auth

  • Gets my buttons

POST /users/self/buttons - auth

  • Create a new button

PUT /users/self/buttons/:id - auth

  • Modify my button

DELETE /users/self/buttons/:id - auth

  • Delete my button

POST /users/self/buttons/:id/check

  • Check the button

POST /users/self/buttons/:id/uncheck

  • Uncheck the button push

GET /users - noauth

  • Get the users

GET /users/:id - noauth

  • Get the user's profile by the display id

GET /users/:id/checks?from=YYYY-MM-DD&to=YYYY-MM-DD - noauth

  • Get the user's checks in the range of date

GET /users/:id/checks?d=YYYY-MM-DD - noauth

  • Get the user's check by the date

GET /activities/recent

  • Get recent activities.

PUT /buttons/:id/checks/:id

  • Modify the check by the id

DELETE /buttons/:id/checks/:id

  • Delete a check by the id

Use cases


  • Go to /
  • Auth0 login
  • Go to /set-id.html
  • Take displayId
  • Go to /settings.html
  • Set up 1 - 4 buttons
  • Go to /
  • Done

Push button

  • Go to / (loggedIn)
  • Push buttons
  • Done

Browse my checks

  • Go to /
  • Browse my checks
  • Done

Browse someone's checks

  • Go to /users.html
  • See the list of users
  • Select the name of a user
  • Go to /:user/checks
  • See :user's checks
  • Done

Modify my buttons

  • Go to /settings.html
  • Modify my buttons
  • Push save button
  • Done

Modify my profile

  • Go to /settings.html
  • Modify my profile
  • Push save button
  • Done


🌱 buttons is a web service to help you keep doing things everyday




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