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This file only includes the Chart constructor.

  • Declares Chart constructor.
  • Does magical this bindings. This is a bad part of c3.js.
    • This makes the source code hard to read.
    • There is no benefit to do this.


This file includes central mechanism of drawing of charts.

  • Creates c3 object

  • internal.beforeInit

    • The hook called before init method
  • internal.afterInit

    • The hook called after init method
    • See this for the example usages of beforeInit and afterInit
  • internal.initChartElements

    • This function calls 5 methods initBar, initLine, initArc, initGauge, and initText
    • I think the if statement for each method is very strange because they never become false.


This files includes the methods about calculation of chart sizes.

  • internal.getParentRectValue(key: string)
    • look up the key from the parent's bounding DOMRect.
    • If the value of the given key doesn't exist on the parent, it look for the parent's parents, recursively.
    • This function includes special support of some old IE. This is probably now unnecessary.


  • Now this is top priority (Feb 2019)
  • Need to reproduce the issue on the local env first
  • -> This doesn't happen in htdocs/samples/resize.html



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