Binding library for mruby/C++.
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mrubybind - Binding library for mruby/C++

mrubybind automatically creates C function/class-method binder for mruby, using C++ template partial specialization.


How to use mrubybind in your project

  1. Put following source codes into your project.
  • mrubybind.h
  1. Include "mrubybind.h"
  2. Use MrubyBind instance to bind C function/class-method to mruby.


Bind C function and call it from mruby

  1. C function (Any type you want):
int square(int x) {
  return x * x;
  1. Bind it using mrubybind bind method:
#include "mrubybind.h"

void install_square_function(mrb_state* mrb) {
  mrubybind::MrubyBind b(mrb);
  b.bind("square", square);

You can throw away MrubyBind instance after binding function.

  1. Call it from mruby:
puts square(1111)  #=> 1234321

Bind C++ class and method and create its instance from mruby

  1. C++ class:
class Foo {
  Foo(int x) : x_(x) {
    cout << "Foo::ctor(" << x << ")" << endl;
  virtual ~Foo() {
    cout << "Foo::dtor()" << endl;
  int bar(int y) {
    return x_ + y;
  static int baz(int z) {
    return z * z;

  int x_;
  1. Bind C++ class using mrubybind bind_class, bind_instance_method and bind_static_method method:
#include "mrubybind.h"

// Helper function for constructor.
Foo* new_foo(int x) {
  return new Foo(x);

void install_foo_class(mrb_state* mrb) {
  mrubybind::MrubyBind b(mrb);
  b.bind_class("Foo", new_foo);
  b.bind_instance_method("Foo", "bar", &Foo::bar);
  b.bind_static_method("Foo", "baz", &Foo::baz);
  1. Call it from mruby:
foo =  #=> Foo::ctor(123)
p foo               #=> #<Foo:0x7fa828803d80>
p      #=> 690
p Foo.baz(9999)     #=> 99980001
                    #=> Foo::dtor()

Bind functions under some module

  1. Pass RClass* instace for MrubyBind constructor:
void install(mrb_state* mrb) {
  RClass* mod = mrb_define_module(mrb, "YourModule");
  mrubybind::MrubyBind b(mrb, mod);
  b.bind("foo", foo);

You can use function from mruby.

Bind constant

  1. Use bind_const method:
void install(mrb_state* mrb) {
  mrubybind::MrubyBind b(mrb);
  b.bind_const("FOO", FOO_VALUE);

Supported types

C type mruby type
int, unsigned int Fixnum
float, double Float
const char*, string String
bool TrueClass or FalseClass
void* Object

See mrubybind.h.


MIT license.