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SQL Server in Docker

This GitHub repository aims to provide a centralized location for community engagement. In here you will find documentation, Dockerfiles and additional developer resources.

SQL Server in Docker comes in two different flavors:

Visit the Microsoft Docker Hub page for more information and additional images.


For any issues, please file under this GitHub project on the Issues section.

There is also a Gitter channel for SQL Server in DevOps that you can join and discuss interesting topics with other container, SQL Server, and DevOps enthusiasts.

Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Unknown blob" error code: You are probably trying to run the Windows Containers-based Docker image on a Linux-based Docker Engine. If you want to continue running the Windows Container-based image, we recommend reading the following community article: Run Linux and Windows Containers on Windows 10.

  • When using the Windows Docker CLI you must use double quotes instead of single ticks for the environment variables, else the mssql-server-linux image won't find the ACCEPT_EULA or SA_PASSWORD variables which are required to start the container.

  • The 'sa' password has a minimum complexity requirement (8 characters, uppercase, lowercase, alphanumerical and/or non-alphanumerical)

  • Licensing for SQL Server in Docker: Regardless of where you run it - VM, Docker, physical, cloud, on prem - the licensing model is the same and it depends on which edition of SQL Server you are using. The Express and Developer Editions are free. Standard and Enterprise have a cost. More information here:


The Docker resource files for SQL Server are licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.