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Framer layer displaying image from a camera device
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Framer layer displaying image from a camera device.


  • Framer — This is optional if you are coding with Framer Library.
  • Google Chrome — CameraLayer works only with the desktop or Android version of Google Chrome. Other web browsers and platforms are not supported.

Getting started

1. Install

Download, and put it into the modules folder in your Framer prototype. (Learn more about the modules)

2. Code

Write the following code with Framer.

# Load CameraLayer
CameraLayer = require "CameraLayer"

# Create a CameraLayer
camera = new CameraLayer()

# Start accessing a camera device

CameraLayer doesn't display anything in Framer's preview window at this time. You have to use Google Chrome to view your prototype. See the next step.

3. View

Open http://localhost:8000/ with Google Chrome. You can see the list of your Framer prototypes, then choose the one which was coded in the step above.

Capture a still image


CameraLayer captures a still image by capture(). After the capturing is done, CameraLayer emits capture event with a URL of the captured image. You can use onCapture as a shortcut for the event.

# Create layers
camera = new CameraLayer()
captureButton = new Layer()
imageView = new Layer()


# Capture an image when the button was clicked
captureButton.onClick ->

# Display the captured image when it becomes available
camera.onCapture (imageURL) ->
  imageView.image = imageURL

Record a video

startRecording(), stopRecording()

CameraLayer starts video recording by startRecording(), and stops by stopRecording(). After the recording is done, CameraLayer emits record event with a URL of the recorded video. You can use onRecord as a shortcut for the event.

# Create layers
camera = new CameraLayer()
recordButton = new Layer()
videoView = new VideoLayer()


# Record a video during pressing the button
recordButton.onTouchStart ->

recordButton.onTouchEnd ->

# Display the recorded video when it becomes available
camera.onRecord (videoURL) -> = videoURL

Size of the recorded video is depending on a camera device. It may not match with CameraLayer's width and height. To show the video with the same size as CameraLayer, set properties of videoView appeared in the example above as the following.

videoView.clip = true = 'cover'
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