an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics
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KTechLab 0.3

KTechLab is an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics.
It supports circuit simulation,
program development for microcontrollers and
simulating the programmed microcontroller together with its application circuit.


- KTechLab is joining KDE, all of its assets will be available there.

    TODO webpage at KDE

    - temporary source code repository location, will change location in the future

        - repository browser, location is temporary

    - bugtracker at KDE:

    - mailing list at KDE:
        ktechlab-devel at KDE
        Archives contain the messages from the old list, too

- on IRC, KTechLab developers regularly join the channel
    `#ktechlab`, on FreeNode

- source code repositories: see Getting the source section, below

- KTechLab on github (will become deprecated) (archive only; merged into the above repoistory)
    - new commits will be always pushed to KDE Git, github will be a mirror only

- KTechLab on sourceforge (mostly deprecated; source code downloads are available)
    - wiki:
    - project page:
    - project page for developers:

- the official communucation channel is hosted at KDE; the mailing list on sourceforge will become deprecated;
        it is called ktechlab-devel
    - link to archives of the list:

Getting the source

KTechLab's source code is located in a GIT repository.

Official repository is hosted at KDE; its temporary location is at


    - repository browser, location is temporary

    - for write access, see section Write access to KTechLab repository at KDE, below.

Deprecated official repositories located on github; they mirror code from KDE,
and also have branches named github/* for historical reference.
For new code use the KDE Git.

    - the port-0.3.8-kde4-v1 branch contains currently the latest code
    (at the time of origina writing; this branch has become master branch in KDE repositories)

    - the master branch contains the latest tested development code,
        while other branches might contain untested/unstable code

Other notable deprecated GIT repositories are located on sourceforge:

- main KTechLab repository (deprecated, use KDE Git):
    - `git://`
    - contains the contents of the previously used SVN repository

- developers' own repositories (deprecated, use KDE Git):
    - `git://`
    - `git://`
    - `git://`
        - the master branch should have the same content as the
            official master branch from github
    - these repositories contain work-in-progress code,
        which is supposed to be merged in the master branch on github

Checking out from GIT can be performed with the following commands:

    git clone git://
    cd ktechlab

Building and Running

Required dependencies

- Qt4 -dev
- cmake
- glib -dev
- KDE4 libraries -dev

Optional dependencies

- GPSim -dev, for microcontroller support

Since KDE4, all Makefiles in KDE projects are generated using CMake.
After checking out the source (see Getting the source),
here is how to compile and install KTechLab.
CMkake is not a run-time dependency of KTechLab.

1. By using a terminal, navigate to the top-level source-directory

2. Run the shell script ``.
    This command compiles KTechLab into the directory `build-simple`,
    installs it into the directory `inst-simple` and
    sets up the user-specific settings (syscoca, mime database) for the
    current user.


3. Launch KTechLab by running the script ``


KTechLab should start running at this point.
If this simple method of launching KTechLab does not work,
please contact the developers, because you have found a bug.

## Running by multiple users with same build/install directory

It is possible to run an already compiled and installed version of KTechLab
by multiple users. In order to do this, run the script
`` from the `simple-install/bin/` directory

         sh simple/install/bin/

Then you can launch KTechLab as usual


## Running a build when the source/build/install directory has been moved

It the source directory has been moved, then the setup procedure has
to be rerun. This is due to the fact that in the launch scripts of
KTechLab, absolute directory paths are generated.
The compilation step should be a lot faster than previously, because
the source files have not been changed, so the existing build is
just verified, not recreated.


Developing with KDevelop 4

Just open/import the CMakeLists.txt project file.

Write access to KTechLab repository at KDE

Please read the KDE Git manual:

You need:

1. KDE developer account; should be usable at `` ; see

    An SSH key should be registered at KDE and usable on your computer.

2. Set up git for usage with KDE Git Infrastructure
        git config --global <Your Real Name>
        git config --global <Your email>

        cat ~/.gitconfig

        [url "git://"]
            insteadOf = kde:
        [url ""]
            pushInsteadOf = kde:

3. Clone KTechLab repository; current location is temporary:
        git clone kde:scratch/padrah/ktechlab

Pushing should work with the URL rewrite rules from step 2.

Have fun with KTechLab!