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Can't create/open circuits on Ubuntu 12.04 (kdevplatform 1.3.1) #10

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Run the latest code from the master; building and running works.
When creating a new circuit, ktechlab just shows the XML description of an empty circuit. Probably related to kdevplatform 1.2 -> 1.3 changes.


Same symptoms here.


This is rather interesting: on one Ubuntu 12.04 installation circuit creation and opening works well, and on another one it is not working properly.

Where it is working correctly, the following kdevplatform is installed:

KDevelop Platform
Version 1.3.1
Using KDE Development Platform 4.8.5 (4.8.5)

I will check the other installation, also.


I am experiencing the same issue on an up-to-date Ubuntu 12.04.2 system: build completes without errors, application starts OK, but new circuit appears as the XML description of an empty circuit in a text editor.
I have
kdevplatform-dev 1.3.1-0ubuntu1
kdelibs5-dev 4:4.8.5-0ubuntu0.1
@Zoltan: could you possibly post / e-mail me the output of 'dpkg-query -l' from the working system so I can check what is missing or different on mine?


On the working system, the package versions are the following:

ii  kdevplatform-dev                               1.3.1-0ubuntu1
ii  kdevplatform5-libs                             1.3.1-0ubuntu1
ii  kdelibs-bin                                    4:4.8.5-0ubuntu0.1
ii  kdelibs5-data                                  4:4.8.5-0ubuntu0.1
ii  kdelibs5-dev                                   4:4.8.5-0ubuntu0.1
ii  kdelibs5-plugins                               4:4.8.5-0ubuntu0.1

The full list of installed packages is quite long so I'm not pasting here. Also I can't see your email address in profile. I've uploaded the list of packages to the wiki:


The above packages are all installed and exactly the same version. I also compared the full list of packages, but there are too many differences - I am running xubuntu with xfce and only some of the Gnome and KDE parts are installed - and I cannot see the culprit(s) immediately. I have added the difference listings to the wiki page. I could try and install all the additional packages, but that will not tell us which particular one is causing the problem, so I am hesitant to do that. Any suggestions for the packages I should start with?
Another possible difference is gpsim. The stock version has the GUI disabled and I have had to re-compile it to enable the GUI (see However, as far as I can tell, the ktechlab behaviour is the same with both versions of gpsim.


On a different computer, also on Ubuntu 12.04, used with XFCE, this problem manifests. Based on my investigation, the problem is related to KDE libraries, more specifically to KMimeType::findByUrl( url ) method: instead of returning the proper Circuit type, it returns Text.
I already have a plan for workaround, just I need some time to implement it.


The planned fix is to use a different KDevplatform method in the DocumentController, in order to avoid KMime::findByUrl().

Then at the document opening, the following could be used:
Core::self()->documentController()->openDocument(doc, range, activationParams, buddy);
openDocument(doc, range, activationParams, buddy);

The bad part is that this re-implements a small part of KDevPlatform, but it should work.


I have managed to get the circuit editor running by changing the mime database and / or modifying environment vars; no change to the DocumentController code was needed. However, I have now been through so many combinations that I am no longer sure what exactly made the difference... I will try and trace my steps again over the w/e, and will report back when/if I am able to pin this down.


Can you list all what you have modified? I would like to experiment with modifications, and see which one made Ktechlab work. For now I have a computer where this issues appears, so I can also test things.


This issue is a configuration problem: the .circuit file type gets defined 0 times, or multiple times. For manual fix, probably the simplest fix to the most common problem is to edit, from:




and rerun the script.

See pull request #21 for background.

@laczik I managed to fix this problem by changing environment variables, too :)


Since pull request #22 has been merged, I'm closing this issue. Feel free to reopen this issue or open new one, if circuit opening still doesn't work.

@zoltanp zoltanp closed this
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