CMake Branch

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This page describes how to test the new cmake branch.

Table of Contents

Getting the cmake branch from svn

To checkout the branch use this command:

 svn co

Compiling KTechLab

I assume, that the actual dir is the ktechlab-0.3.6cmake source dir now.

Since cmake documentation recommends to use different source and build directories, the first step is to create a build directory and change into it:

 mkdir build && cd build

To create the Makefiles and do configure stuff, use the cmake command:

 cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/prefix/ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug ..

This will enable the compiler to create debug symbols and will use "/path/to/prefix" as the prefix to install everything into.

After that, just do:

 make && make install

This will build the sources and install them into the dir specified by the prefix you set up before. The prefix defaults to "/usr/local/"

Creating KDevelop project files

If you intend to use KDevelop for developing KTechLab, you can tell cmake to create KDevelop project files instead of unix Makefiles:

 cmake -G KDevelop3 ..

This has do be done in a clean build directory, i.e. there must be no "CMakeCache.txt" file in the build directory, you are actually in. cmake will throw an error message, if this file exists.

Exploring cmake's options

There is a command called ccmake that provides a simple user-interface to all variables that can be used by cmake. Just use ccmake instead of cmake in the commands above to use it.