Circuit Simulations

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Let us first discuss about some simple circuit simulation. To draw a circuit choose the new file option as Circuit. We can choose the components form the Components sidebar.If the components are not avaliable click the Component icon in the left sidebar. Components are divided into seven categories(0.3.6),

  • Sources
  • Includes voltage and current sources.
  • Discrete
  • Includes resistors,capacitors,diodes,transistors etc.
  • Switches
  • Includes different types of switches
  • Outputs
  • Includes CRO probes,Voltmeter,Ammeter,LED,Sevensegment display,Matrix display etc.
  • Logic
  • Includes logical gates such as AND,OR,NOT,XOR,NXOR,Clock etc.
  • Connections
  • Includes Connection Bus,Serial and Parallel Ports etc
  • Intergerated Circuits
  • Includes different types of IC’S including PIC.

Click the Components you want and drag it into the file. To connect different components first click on the free end of the component. Now the mouse pointer will change to a plus sign. Move the mouse pointer to the component to which, the connection is required. The line become red in color. Now left click the mouse to complete the connection. In order to change values of the component. Just double click the component, to get a combo box in the tool bar. Change the values by using the up and down arrows.In order to see the output waveform, connect the CRO probe Image:voltage_probe.png to the Output pins and click the option Oscilloscope Image:oscilloscope_icon.png in the lower menubar.