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Feature Request

Desired features can be posted here.

Context Help

Embedding of tables? Not currently editable (using QTextEdit).


  • Features of real digital storage oscilloscope (voltage/div, time/div, trigger, X-Y, add, FET, Bode plots, etc).
  • Static (non-scrolling) view that resembles a proper oscilloscope's screen instead of a printed tape (in progress - electronerd).
  • Automatic scaling of probe output to accommodate full data range.
  • Screenshots (e.g. via right-click menu).


Statechart-based code generator

Debugging support.


A long term tool, but it would be very nice to have an integrated router to print PCBs from KTechLab


KTechLab Archive Network.

Like CPAN, but for KTechLab. Basically, a server which stores uploaded subcircuits, and indexes them in some computer-generated way, so that KTechLab can have a button that says "Download more components", and it will fetch them from the server.

Additionally, when you click "Create SubCircuit", there should be a tickbox that says "Share this with the world". This should upload to KTechLAN, so that everyone can use it. People should have to enter usernames and passwords to use KTechLAN. Passwords for uploads are so we can track who does what, block idiots, etc. Passwords for downloads are so that, when a user creates their own subcircuit, it's easy for them to upload. This means that they're motivated to get the password so they can download; they might not be so motivated if it's just for them to share with others.

-- TimNelson 18:51, 5 March 2008 (CST)

Thermal simulation

  • display input/output power from components' ports
  • basic thermal calculations basing on ambient temperature, thermal impedance of components and dissipated power

Non-realtime simulation

Classic simulation run (like spice), without realtime feedback, which produces a scrollable oscilloscope output.

This is needed for circuits that cannot be simulated in real time (high frequency, fast transients ...)


Support shift operator (<>). Currently the only way to simulate bit shifts is multiply by 2 or divide by 2.


Gate conversion

It would be cool if you could click on a gate, and have the context menu say "Convert this gate to a ...". I accidentally inserted a 4-input nor gate when it should've been a nand gate, and then I had to delete all its connections and start again. If I could right-click, and choose "Convert this to...". -- TimNelson 18:43, 5 March 2008 (CST)


The subcircuits page has on it some questions which, if the things can't be done, could be considered feature requests. -- TimNelson 18:43, 5 March 2008 (CST)

More components

Support more PIC types

Add some 8, 20, 28 and 40 pin chips.

Add Programmable Logic Controls and Ladder Logic

Add PLC's such as Allen Bradley SLC-500 and other of the more popular PLC's. Maybe the base is an I/O rack with a CPU, each slot in a rack is selected from a list, and other components in the circuit simulator could link back.

Common LCD Components

Include HD44780 controlled LCD devices 2x20, 2x40, 4x20, 4x40

AVR Support

  • Being worked on by kitts.
  • For help with implementation: look at GpsimProcessor, PICComponent, PICComponentPin for examples of gpsim. KTechlab has generally been designed to be microcontroller-neutral, even if it only has support for PICs at the moment. AVR support will also involve adding classes to the src/micro/ directory.

Speaker Output

allow for an actual speaker component that outputs via the soundcard. (I want to HEAR the output of my wave generator!)

8051 Support

8051 are the most 8bits microcontrollers available in the world , with a lot of second source ( that is not possible with AVR or PIC). It's the standard in a lot of vehicule industry for the next decade for inboard sensors. The development kits are cheap ( cf ) . A lot of intelligent sensors have a 8051 in board. s51 ( uCsim 0.5.4, Copyright (C) 1997 Daniel Drotos ) comes with SDCC , perharps we could add a support for it in ktechlab ( volunteer ?).


How do we do relays? -- TimNelson 18:43, 5 March 2008 (CST)

Zener Diodes

A zener model would be very useful.

Tutorial Tool

  • For use in education, or just for those interested in learning about electronics.
  • Lots of example circuits (already have many in the examples/ directory in svn trunk). These could also be accessible from the Help menu and from Context Help.

Editing Circuits

Imagine a connector similar to the "External Connection" for sub circuits, where all instances of that connector with the same name are logically connected together. Just copy and paste an existing instance to somewhere on the diagram, or name a new instance. For example, a connector named 'clock' could have an instance for every clock pin on a diagram with 10 identical IC's. This should get rid of the mouse nest of connection lines.

File format

Components Defined in XML

It would be wonderful to be able to define components in XML files, place them in a certain directory and have them show up in the component browser. As far as I understand, the way it is now you have to recompile all of KTechlab to add a new component. Maybe the XML system could be implemented through a standard master component?

  • I thought about that for a long time now. It would be really cool to have such a feature, but it won't be easy to implement it. The problem is the simulation part. Nevertheless it would be cool to create variants of a component and specify parameters in XML. Also the visible part of a component could easily be defined in XML. This would make it possible to create catalogues of components, such as different types of "real-world" transistors,...
  • Qt4.3 introduced a very nice feature in the QtScript-Module. This helps implementing the simulation part with ECMA-Script. It's also possible to register C++ functions and call them from the script. On PlanetKDE are some entries where devs write about their tests. I don't know if this will be fast enough for us here, but time-critical stuff can also be implemented in pure C++.

File format

I wonder if it would be more intuitive to just have one file for all your diagrams and code instead of having a .ktechlab file pointing to individual diagrams and code.

  • The project file pointing to other files seems fine. Maybe having a project package would file format would be good for transporting a project. The project files could be ziped all together in a sor of .zktlp (ziped ktechlab project file).
I also disagree with the original poster, and think the current setup is fine -- TimNelson 18:43, 5 March 2008 (CST)


Export scheme to KiCad and GEDA

whould it be possible to import circuit files from Ktechlab to KiCad? So you can simulate them before make the PCB. Or import schem files from KiCad to Ktechlab? It would be great to be able to simulate the same circuits you design.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for all!

Integration with External Editors and IDEs

Integrate KTechlab with external editors and IDEs. For example option to edit source codes using Vim and option to develop PIC software using Piklab.

This might require some support by the external tool. For example (if I'm not wrong!) Piklab should have a KPart to be integrated into KTechlab. Ebrahim 15:07, 9 June 2008 (CDT)

Windows version

Compilation under Windows OS.