Download and Install on Kubuntu

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This guide describes how to install KtechLab (KTL) on Kubuntu linux using Adept.

Table of Contents

Installing KTL

Downloading and installing KTL is very simple in the Kubuntu OS.

  • Open Adept manager by clicking on K Menu-> System -> Adept Manager.
  • Type ktech or ktechlab in the search field as shown in the picture below so to filter undesired packages.
  • Click on the blue arrow ">" on the left of the package name. This should result in a screen as depicted below.
  • Click on the "Request Install" button. Then, click on "Apply Changes" button Image:Apply_changes.png in the toolbar. Now sit back and watch: Ktechlab will be downloaded and installed to the computer as shown below.
  • After installation is complete, goto K menu -> Edutainment -> Science -> Ketechlab to launch KTL.
  • KTL will then open and sould look like the picture below the first time it runs.

Note: Universe repositories should be enabled for this method to work.


Enjoy working with KTL. We, the KTL team, will make sure to add lots of improvements in the future.