Flowcode Symbols

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Flowcode symbols are similar to flowchart symbols. The Flow part window consists of five sections,

  • Common
  • Contains Start,Stop,Subroutine,SubCall and Embed Image:start_icon.png => Beginning of the program. Image:end_icon.png => End of the program. Image:subroutine.png => Allow the programmer to separate the program into smaller parts which are easier to solve. A subroutine can be called many times in the same program, thus avoid the repetition of code. Image:subcall.png => Call subroutine.
  • Functions
  • Contains Delay,keypad and Sevensegment Image:delay_icon.png => Delay the process for a specified time. Image:keypad_icon.png => Read data from the keypad.In order to use this, first click the advanced icon in the diagram of the pic and create pin map definitions. Image:sevensegment.png => Display the number in a sevensegment.This function convert the number into bcd format.
  • IO
  • Contains Read from Port,Write to Port,Test pin state and Set pin state. Image:readfromport_icon.png => Read data from port to vairable. Image:writetoport.png => Write data to the port. Image:testpinstate.png => Used to test the state of a particular pin. Image:setpinstate.png => For setting the state of a particular pin.
  • Variables
  • Contains Comparison,Assignment and Unary Image:comparison_icon.png => Compare variables. Image:assignment.png => Assign values to a variable. Image:unary.png => Performs unary operations such as rotate left, rotate, right, increment and decrement.
  • Loops
  • Contains For,While and Repeat Loops can be created to execute a block of code for a fixed number of times or (e.g. 7 or 17 or 70). Alternatively, loops can be created to repetitively execute a block of code until a condition changes to a wanted state. For instance, the loop may continue until a condition changes from false to true, or from true to false. In this case, the block of code being executed must update the condition being tested in order for the loop to terminate at some point. If the test condition does not change somehow within the loop, the loop will never terminate.(endless loop). This occurs due to a logical error.

I am restricting our discussion to PIC 16F84A Microcontroller in the comming sections.